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Paris at night! No matter what your taste or budget, there's something to delight you, from café-sitting to sumptuous dinners, river cruises to spectacular stage shows.




Paris nightlife has been famous for centuries for its quality, variety and audacity, from its splendid Palais Garnier to Montmartre's folksy cabaret Au Lapin Agile, from the spectacular Bal au Moulin Rouge to the steamy sex clubs of Pigalle.

For decades tourists would buy a copy of Pariscope, a weekly arts and entertainment guide that listed concerts, theater, movies, and much more. The paper publication ceased in 2016, but the information is still available on line. Be aware, however, that it is in French, but you should still be able to figure out what's happening when. Pariscope

Another option is L'officiel des spectacles, also available on line.

You can also learn a lot about what is happening in Paris by simply looking at the posters that are plastered in various locations around the city. Concerts, speakers, upcoming events will all be listed.

Here are some of the better known venues:


If you like classical music, you'll want to check out the Philharmonie de Paris, the home of the Orchestre de Paris. Housed in a spectacular building, the hall opened in 2015. More...

Concerts in Churches

Paris churches have discovered the value in offering musical performances, attracting new audiences and bringing in additional income. These are high quality and varied, with plenty of choice. Although there are still some free concerts in churches, these days they more frequently charge admission. We've enjoyed wonderful music in the tiny Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre, the large Église Saint-Eustache, and many more.


Everyone knows the grand Palais Garnier as the Paris Opéra (Place de l'Opéra; Métro: Opéra), but in fact many operas are now performed at the newer Opéra Bastille. More...


The Palais Garnier is now Paris's prime venue for ballet, though larger productions are also offered at the Opéra Bastille. Other dance offerings will be found in smaller venues. More...


Paris has long been known as a center for jazz. You'll find a variety of jazz clubs all around the city. Pariscope or L'officiel des spectacles can help you find what you're interested in. We've enjoyed some performances at the Duc des Lombards, near Les Halles, on the small rue des Lombards. There are a couple other clubs on the same street, and many others around Saint-Michel and other parts of Paris.


Paris offers wonderful theater, mostly in French, but also a surprising number of performances in English. Performances tend to be fewer during the summer, however, particularly in August. More...

Night Clubs

Paris has every sort of nightclub, bar, tavern and cabaret. Here are some tips to get your started. More...

River Cruises

You'll notice the broad river cruise boats on the Seine as soon as you arrive in Paris. At least one night, you should be on one to see the lovely monuments all lit up. It's a great way to relax and continue your sightseeing while giving your feet a rest after a long day. More...

Popular Music

Pariscope (see above) has listings of all the big concerts, and keep in mind that the Paris city government sponsors music festivals and performances on many nights throughout the year, from jazz combos and gospel choirs in small parks to grand opera in front of national monuments.


I love all views of Paris, but the panorama of the city at dusk and later, as the sun sets and the lights come on, is wonderful. You might want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Tour Montparnasse to enjoy spectacular views of the city. There are other places where you can enjoy great views for free. More...

Free Nightlife

These are some of the more formal night life opportunities, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Paris by night.

What surprises and delights us is the fun you can have for free after the sun goes down. Street entertainers on the bridges, picnics and singalongs on the Pont des Arts, free concerts sponsored by the city government, and the Eiffel Tower floodlit and sparkling with strobes every hour on the hour. Wow! More...

Free Nightlife




Classical Music

Popular Music





Eiffel Tower at Night, Paris, France

Above, Paris at night! What a thrill! can't get this view from
the top of the Eiffel Tower. It's from here.

Below, the lovely Opéra Garnier.

  Opera Garnier, Paris

  Moulin Rouge, Paris
Above, You can't miss the colorful Moulin Rouge!

Below, Although they're not far from each other, the Moulin Rouge and the Lapin Agile offer very different experiences!

  Lapin Agile, Paris
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