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One of Paris's newer parks, the Parc de Bercy is a lovely spot near the Seine, but off the beaten track.




The Parc de Bercy, opened in 1995, is on the site of Paris's former wine warehouse and bottling industry. Still housing a small vineyard today, the Parc de Bercy also offers an array of environments and plantings—grass lawns, orchards, seasonal gardens, etc.

A spectacular rose garden includes 95 varieties, all listed on a plan of the garden. A modern fountain cascades down a broad staircase, while a series of creative bronze statues honor children from around the world.

And speaking of children, they will enjoy the fountains, playgrounds, walking paths, and carousel.

Well groomed paths pass between a variety of types of gardens, and the historic Maison du Jardinage gives a sense of the site's past. Elevated footbridges allow visitors to pass over traffic and reach a variety of fountains and gardens.

  Flowers, Parc de Bercy, Paris

Because the garden is low, at first it's not obvious that it borders the Seine. Climbing the steps by the fountain, you reach the Simone de Beauvoir Passerelle (footbridge), which leads across the Seine to the striking Bibliothèque Nationale (national library), named in honor of former President François Mitterand. The four buildings are designed to look like four open books.

The Parc de Bercy also borders the new and unique sports complex, the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. The Cinémathèque Française, which includes a cinema museum and exhibits, is housed in a Frank Gehry building on the edge of the park.

Bercy is somewhat off the beaten track in the 12th arrondissement. But it's a great place for a stroll and for appreciating nature, and the Passerelle is both creative and fun.

Métro: Bercy or Cour St-Émilion

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Parc de Bercy, Maison du Jardinage, Paris

Above, Maison du Jardinage, Parc de Bercy, Paris.
Below, Bercy's Fountain staircase.

Parc de Bercy, Fountain, Paris

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