Paris Travel Planner   École Militaire, Paris, France
France's prime military academy graduated some of the country's war heroes—including Napoleon Bonaparte. It is a fitting finial to the southeast end of the vast Champ-de-Mars park on which stands the Eiffel Tower.




Founded by King Louis XV in 1750, the École Militaire (Military Academy), anchoring the southeast end of the vast Champ-de-Mars parade ground (map), was meant to educate young officers from 'commoner' (non-noble) families for service in the armies of France.

Napoleon Bonaparte graduated from the school in 1784 after only one year, instead of the customary two.

Still used for military training and research, the central building of the École Militaire is the visual anchor of the Champ-de-Mars park which holds the Eiffel Tower.

Champ de Mars with École Militaire, Paris, France
The Champ-de-Mars with the École Militaire at the top end.

The École Militaire is not open for visits, so for visitors it's just another fine architectural monument to enjoy from the outside.

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École Militaire, Champ de Mars, Paris, France

The École Militaire with the Eiffel Tower behind, looking like an antenna atop the École...

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