Paris Travel Planner   Saving Money on Transport in Paris
First thing to do: ask for a carnet of Métro tickets (group of ten). Don't buy Métro tickets one by one. Also, consider a Navigo transit pass.




The Paris Métro is among the great transport bargains of the world: over 300 stations all over the city, and you can travel from one to another for 1.90€—or even less.

If, instead of buying one or two tickets at a time, you ask the ticket-seller for a carnet, you'll receive 10 tickets good on the Paris Métro, city buses, funiculars (such as the Funiculaire du Montmartre that climbs the hill of Montmartre), trams, and even for short trips on the RER suburban trains, and you'll pay only 1.49€—a discount of 22%.

Other savings options, such as the Paris Visite and Navigo electronic card transit passes, may be useful for some visitors, but for most visitors to Paris, nothing beats the carnet.

(By the way, the Carte Orange weekly and monthly transit passes have been discontinued, and replaced by the Navigo pass.)

Temple Métro station, Paris, France
Temple station in the original Art Nouveau
style of the early 1900s.

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