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The Château and Grounds of Versailles are huge. If you don't want to walk, here are some options for other means of transport.




I love to walk, and a day trip to the Château de Versailles certainly provides ample opportunity for that. Everything is oversized, from the Palace, to the grounds, to the "Petit" Trianon, which doesn't really fit my definition of "small:" its grounds cover more than 800 hectares (2000 acres).

The Château does have facilities and some elevators for travelers with disabilities.

If you don't want to walk during all of your visit to the Château, below are some options to consider. (For transportation in the Town of Versailles, see the Versailles Transportation page.)

Rent a Bicycle

Bikes are available to rent near the Grand Canal, allowing you to cover ground quickly and tour the grounds (though not the Palace area). You may also be able to rent bikes in Versailles town, near the Versailles-Chantiers RER station (note this is NOT the main station for visiting the Château). There are also bike tours available from Paris through groups such as Fat Tire Bike Tours.

Rent an Electric Vehicle

These electric golf carts allow you to visit the gardens and grounds, including some of the farther groves and fountains, following a carefully prescribed route. They're environmentally friendly, and pedestrians will appreciate careful and slow driving.

Ride the Mini Train

The Mini Train will take you to Marie-Antoinette's hameau or village, the Grand Trianon, and the Petit Trianon. Leaving from the north terrace of the Palace, the round trip takes about 50 minutes. Passengers can get off to visit sites and get back on another train later.

Row a Boat

Small boats are available for hire on the Grand Canal, with its 23 hectares (over 50 acres) of water. Boating is a long-standing tradition at Versailles. Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Minister of Finance for Louis XIV, is said to have had an impressive fleet of boats that he used at various festivals.

Children's Pony Rides

If the children get tired, they can take a pony ride, starting from near "Little Venice" at the beginning of the Grand Canal.

Walk It All

Even if you opt for some of these foot-saving choices, you'll still be walking a lot, so make sure you have comfortable shoes.

Transportation in the Town

Outside the Château, you can take local buses to get around the Town of Versailles. More...

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Versailles gardens with horses, France

Above, mounted police and bicyclists near the Grand Canal, Château de Versailles.

Below, boating on the canal.

Boating on the Grand Canal, Chateau de Versailles, France



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