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Once a quiet fishing village, Cassis is now lively and popular with tourists.





Cassis is a lovely seaside town 27 kilometers (17 miles) southeast of Marseille (map) by the D559 highway, or 34 kilometers/21 miles via the A50 autoroute.

It's also easily accessible by train from Marseille and Toulon. More...

Cassis...or Cassis?

You may be familiar with the blackcurrant liqueur crème de cassis, an essential ingredient in a Kir, a drink of white wine flavored with a dash of crème de cassis.

Be aware that when talking of the drink, the final "s" is pronounced "kah-SEES" whereas the town is known as "kah-SEE," where the final "s" is silent.

However you pronounce it, you'll find the town of Cassis enjoyable.

Nestled in a bay that is dominated by the beauitful Cap Canaille promontory to the east, Cassis has a lovely harbor and several small beaches.

Cassis, Provence, France
View of Cassis and Cap Canaille.

Les Calanques

It is, however, probably best known for its calanques, narrow, steep-sided inlets along the coast. Sometimes called Mediterranean fjords, they do resemble the famous fjords of Norway, though on a smaller scale.

The calanques are found mostly between Cassis and Marseille, and in 2012 the Parc National des Calanques was created, only the 10th national park in France. It covers 43,500 hectares (about 168 square miles) of land and sea between Marseille and La Ciotat, with Cassis at its center.

Where to Stay

Cassis offers a range of places to stay, including small hotels and short-term rental apartments/flats, so you'll find it easy to settle into this charming town. More...

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The citadel in the evening, Cassis, Provence, France

The citadel in the evening,
Cassis, Provence, France.

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