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Roman ruins, fountains, lovely views, and play areas.




The Jardins de la Fontaine in Nîmes are a delightful place to spend an hour or two wandering.

Located a short walk from the center of town and the Maison Carrée, you can reach the gardens by walking along the lovely Quai de la Fontaine.

As you enter the garden, admire the fountains, plantings, and graceful staircases. And on your left you'll see the remains of the Temple of Diana. This graceful structure dates from Roman times and was also used as a church for a Benedictine convent for several centuries.

The Jardins were built in the 18th century, around the ancient site and the spring. The designers incuded many statues and vases that contribute to its beauty, as well as a majestic staircase.

  Tour Magne, Nimes, France

Climb up the stairs and continue along the winding paths and you'll enjoy lovely views of Nîmes and the surrounding area. This upper part of the garden is known as the Mont Cavalier. Although there are few signs on the paths to direct you, if you keep heading up the hill, eventually you'll get to the top and the Tour Magne.

The Tour Magne was the tallest and most prestigious tower of the Roman city walls. It was—and is—visible from afar and in Roman times indicated an important city. It was built at the end of the 1st century BCE and is thus the oldest Roman site in Nîmes. Some of the upper levels have been lost over time, but it is still impressive.

Visitors can climb to the top and enjoy beautiful views of Nîmes.

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Jardins de la Fontaine, Nimes, France

Above, Sculptures in the Jardins de la Fontaine, Nimes.

Below, Roman Temple of Diana.


Temple of Diana, Nimes, France

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