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Like many towns in this region, Toulouse is known for cassoulet—and much more excellent food.




Toulouse has lots of restaurants, and there are several areas that seem to be entirely restaurants.

The Arcade at the Place du Capitole is ringed with restaurants and cafés. It's a great place to have a coffee or a light meal and watch the activity in this main square. On Saturdays the square is taken over by a large market, with food, clothing and other items.

Just a few blocks from the Capitole is the small Place St-Georges, which is full of restaurants. The Place takes its name from a 14th century chapel to St-Georges, and the historical marker explains that the Place was a market as well as a place of executions!

The Rue Peyrolière, just south of Rue Sainte Ursula is home to many restaurants. Just off of the Rue Peyrolière is the Hôtel d'Assézat, a beautiful buildilng that is now a museum and has a small outdoor café.

Like other towns in this area, Toulouse menus feature many duck and goose dishes, including confit de canard (duck leg preserved in fat and cooked), magret de canard (duck breast), sausages, and cheeses, including roquefort. Sweets include those made with violets, a symbol of the city.


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Cafés, Toulouse, France

Above, A row of cafés in front of beautiful red brick buildings at the Capitole, Toulouse.

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