France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   The Capitole, Toulouse, France
A central point in Toulouse, this beautiful historic square is a great place to start your visit.




The Place du Capitole provides a good look at the red brick that characterizes the architecture of Toulouse. The Capitolium itself is a beautiful building with eight columns of pink marble on its facade. The structure alternates red and light pink, resulting in a beautiful building.

Today the Capitole is home to the Hôtel de Ville, or city hall, as well as the National Theater and Opera. You can visit the building. Walking through the courtyards provides beautiful views of the architecture, while visits to the interior allow you to see a variety of rooms and works of art.

The Tourist Information Office is in the Donjon, just behind the Capitole.

The Place du Capitole, the large open square in front of the building, is surrounded by cafés and restaurants, providing wonderful opportunities for people watching, coffee drinking, and more.

On the weekends the Place hosts an open market, where you can shop for vegetables, clothes, and more. You'll find a wide selection of "bio" (organic) produce. Other special events, such as concerts and other performances, also take place here.

From this square you can easily walk to St-Sernin Basilica and other churches such as Notre Dame du Taur, as well as the Jacobin Convent.

You also have easy access to the Rue St-Rome, for shopping, and several museums.

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Capitole, Toulouse, France

Above, Main entrance of the Capitole, Toulouse.

Below, View of the Capitole and the petit train that takes tourists around the city.


Capitole and petit train, Toulouse, France

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