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As a hub of the aerospace industry, Toulouse has several museums of interest.




Toulouse is home to Airbus and other aerospace companies. It also hosts several museums for those interested in aviation. Most are several kilometers from the city center.

L'Aérotèque or Air Museum explores the history of aeronautics in Toulouse from 1920 to the present. It has over 40 model aircraft plus interactive educational programs. Videos round out the offerings, including a time-lapse show ont he construction of an A380.
18, rue Montmorency
31200 Toulouse, France
+33 (0)5 61 93 93 57

La Cité de l'Espace (City of Space) lets visitors discover space "as if you were there." Lots of interactive exhibits allow you to explore, and a large outdoor park has models of various satellite launchers and other space memorabilia.
La Cité de l'Espace
Avenue Jean Gonord
31506 Toulouse, France

Ailes Anciennes Toulouse is a museum devoted to collecting and restoring historic aircraft, including planes, helicopters, gliders, and more. Enthusiastic volunteers maintain this interesting museum.
Ailes Anciennes Toulouse
4 rue Beteille,
31700 Blagnac, France

Although not a museum, Airbus does offer guided tours of its facility. Visits require advance reservations and there are two options. You can learn about the conception, production, and history of the Airbus 380; or you can visit the 700 hectare (1800 acre) site by car, with commentary.
Airbus Tours

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Airbus 380

Above, An Air France A380.

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