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The cathedral has beautiful stained glass, a lovely organ, and many sculptures.

  Stained glass, Strasbourg cathedral



After admiring the beautiful exterior of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, be sure go to inside. The interior is just as lovely.

Walk to the front and look back to admire the lovely rose window. The yellow branches are said to represent 32 ears of corn, symbolizing the wealth of the area in the Middle Ages.

Rose window, Notre Dame de Strasbourg, France

Throughout the cathedral there are many other beautiful stained glass windows, some dating from the 13th and 14th centuries. Some of the oldest show various emperors and princes of the Holy Roman Empire; these are on the left side as you face the front of the cathedral.

The Great Organ is in the nave and is swallow's nest shaped, suspended from the northern (left) wall. Originally from the 14th century, it has been restored over the years.

The intricately carved pulpit dates from the 15th century and is considered an excellent example of late Gothic art.

On the right side of the transept (front of the cathedral) are the sculpted Pillar of Angels and the Astronomical Clock. The mechanical clock "performs" each day at 12:30. More...

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Organ, Strasbourg Cathedral, France

Above, Swallow's Nest Organ, Strasbourg Cathedral.

Below, Detail of rose window.


Rose window detail, Strasbourg Cathedral

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