France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Market (Halle) in Beaune, France
Beaune is a small town with a big and wonderful market!




Wherever we go in France, I always check to see when the market days are. French markets are fun, colorful, educational, and very tempting. They also differ in character from town to town and region to region, so it's fun to explore different ones.

The Beaune Saturday market did not disappoint! Although the Halle and main market area is just across from the Hôtel-Dieu (map), there were vendors lining the streets from several blocks away, near the Basilique Notre-Dame and down towards the Place Carnot.

The farther away locations tended to be more brocante or flea market types of items. As you got to the area of the Halle, the beautiful fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats started appearing. One stand sold nothing but garlic!

Garlic, Beaune, France  

And inside the wonderful big old Halle building was much more. If you wanted to pick up some escargots de bourgogne, already in their shells and packed with butter, parsley, and garlic, you could do so. There were also uncountable numbers of delicious looking cheeses, as well as butcher shops and charcuteries with local specialties such as jambon persillé (a sort of paté made of ham and pork and covered with a parsley gelatin.

We were only sorry we were leaving that day and couldn't shop for real, but we did feast with our eyes.

Note: Beaune also has a Wednesday morning market, but it is much smaller and does not include all the vendors.

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Halles, Beaune, France

Above, The high-ceilinged Halle building of Beaune.

Below, Delicious and tempting cheeses for sale at the market.


Cheese, Halles, Beaune, France

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