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This church at the center of Beaune is known for its tapestries.




The Collégiale Basilique Notre-Dame is in the center of town (map). You can approach the front of the church from the Rue d'Enfer, and the back from the Rue Paradis. Someone was having a good time with street names in Beaune!

  Notre Dame Tower, Beaune, France
  Bell tower at night.

Parts of Notre-Dame date from the 13th century, and its style is described as Burgundian Romanesque. It also has some Gothic additions and a Renaissance bell tower. If you stay in Beaune, you'll hear the chimes of the bell tower throughout the day.

The Basilica is perhaps best known for its collection of 15th century tapestries that illustrate the life of the Virgin Mary, and events going on during that time. Although you can visit the church for free, a small admission charge is required to view the tapestries.

The Basilica is just around the corner from the Musée du Vin, and less than a five-minute walk to the Hôtel-Dieu and the Place de la Halle, where the weekly market is held.

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Notre-Dame de Beaune, France

Above, Facade of Notre-Dame, Beaune.

Below, Birth of the Virgin, 15th century tapestry.


Tapestry, Beaune, France

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