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In the heart of Burgundy, of course there is a Wine Museum!




Beaune is considered the capital of the Burgundy wine region, and it's fitting that it should be home to a fascinating Wine Museum.

The Musée du Vin is housed in the former home of the Dukes of Burgundy. I find it wonderful that you can enter the museum from either the Rue Paradis or the Rue d'Enfer...(map)

  Musee du Vin Beaune France

The Musée du Vin walks you through the history of wine, from ancient times to the present. In the first room you'll see a polychrome statue of the Virgen and Child, holding a bunch of grapes, which dates from the 16th century. Wine has a long history! (In fact, Burgundy wines were exported to the Byzantine Empire centuries ago.)

Exhibits include maps of the major wine growing regions, explanations of the different soils that are best for growing wine, and examples of various equipment and tools used in the cultivation and harvesting of the grapes.

Pinot noir grapes France  
Pinot noir grapes from Gevrey-Chambertin.  

You can learn about pinot noir grapes, used in the great red wines of Burgundy, and chardonnay grapes, used in the great white wines of the region, including Meursault, Pouilly-Fuissé, Chablis, and more. There are also explanations of the different wine making processes.

A fascinating video made in 1942 walks you through the traditional methods of making wine barrels. You'll get to know the cooper and his assistants as they work together to prepare the barrel.

Tapestries by modern artists Jean Lurçat and Michel Tourlière adorn large rooms toward the end of the tour.

Be sure to visit the barn and garden area, where there are several displays of old wine presses, carts, and other vehicles and equipment used in making wine. These date from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Musée du Vin
Rue d'Enfer
21200 Beaune, France
+33 (0)3 80 22 08 19

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Musee du Vin, Beaune, France

Above, Musée du Vin, in the former home of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Below, An old fashioned wine press in the barn at the Musée du Vin, Beaune.


Wine press, Musee du Vin, Beaune, France

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