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Traditional galettes and crêpes make an enjoyable lunch, dinner, or snack in Brittany.





Brittany is perhaps best known for crêpes, delicious thin pancakes with assorted fillings. But in fact there is a lot of variety in what we foreigners might class as crêpes.

The savory varieties are called galettes and tend to be made from buckwheat, or sarrasin (which may also be called blé noir, or black wheat.) One of these provides a hearty meal and may include such ingredients as cheese, ham, egg, mushrooms, or other vegetables.

Crêpes are made from white flour (froment) and are used for sweet pancakes, with fillings such as butter and sugar, chocolate, apples, or other fruits. Although crêpes are sometimes piled high with ice cream and whipped cream, one of my favorites is a simple lemon and sugar crêpe.

Galettes and crêpes are commonly found on restaurant menus, particularly in the many crêperies of Brittany. In some places crêpes may also be bought on the street for a snack.

You'll find lots of crêpe vendors on the streets of Paris, and crêpes are also a mainstay in Normandy.

Creperie sign, Brittany, France
Sign for a crêperie, with people
in traditional Breton clothing.

The traditional drink with your galettes or crêpes is Breton apple cider, a slightly effervescent drink with a low alcohol content.

It is traditionally served in a crockery bollée, or cup, with larger quantities sold by the pitcher.

More recently some places have developed cidre blanc or cidre rosé, slightly sweeter drinks that make excellent apéritifs.

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Creperie, Brittany, France

Above, A small crêperie in Brittany.


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