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Brittany is known for its delicious cider, which is traditionally drunk with galettes or crêpes.





The traditional drink with your galettes or crêpes is Breton apple cider, a slightly effervescent drink with a low alcohol content. It is traditionally served in a crockery bollée, or cup, with larger quantities sold by the pitcher.

More recently some places have developed cidre blanc or cidre rosé, slightly sweeter drinks that make excellent apéritifs.

Bretons have also created their own version of Kir (white wine and crème de cassis). A Kir Breton consists of crème de cassis and cider. Somewhat sweeter than a traditional Kir, it makes a nice apéritif. In Normandy, you'll find the same drink, but there it's called a Kir Normand.

Another traditional apéritif you might find in Brittany is chouchen. This honey based drink is relatively mild and sweet.

Of course, this being France, you'll also find excellent wines in Brittany. Perhaps best known is Muscadet, a white wine that goes well with seafood.

Bollée of Cider, France
A different style bollée.

After dinner, you may want a Calvados, or apple brandy, as a digestif. Although Calvados comes from Normandy, you'll find it (and similar drinks) quite frequently in Brittany.

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Pitcher of Cider, France

Above, Pitcher of Cider, with two bollées for drinking.


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