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The Office de Tourisme in Chartres is in a historic half-timbered building only a few blocks from the town's famous cathedral.




The Office de Tourisme de Chartres Métropole (Tourism Office of Metropolitan Chartres), located in a striking medieval half-timbered building a few blocks from the cathedral, has the usual friendly, competent, helpful staff, plans of the town, and advice on all matters of importance to visitors.

The building dates from about 1500 and is called the Maison du Saumon, or House of the Salmon, because of the ancient carved fish that adorns it. It's located on rue de la Poissonerie, or "Fish Shop Street."

Wooden salmon, Chartres

The Tourist Office building is also illuminated during Chartres en lumières, as it ought to be.


Office de Tourisme de Chartres Métropole
8, rue de la Poissonnerie - CS 10289
28008 Chartres, France
Tel: +33 (0) 2 37 18 26 26


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Office de Tourisme, Chartres, France

The Office de Tourisme at night, illuminated for Chartres en lumières, Chartres, France.





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