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Chartres has a good variety of restaurants, from fine dining to crêpes, tacos and burgers. Note that many restaurants close on Monday, so you will have fewer dining choices on that day.

You can't miss Le Café Serpente, just on the south side of the cathedral at the corner of Cloître Notre-Dame and Rue des Changes (map). With sunny outdoor seating facing the cathedral (as well as its several indoor dining rooms), it has a varied menu of snacks, meals and drinks.

Le Café des Arts and the Café Bleu, nearby, are somewhat more formal choices.

Among our favorites in Chartres is La Table du Marché, next to the cast-iron Marché aux Légumes on the Place Billart. Attractive modern décor, efficient and friendly service, a more varied menu than many other restaurants, generous services and moderate prices—what's not to like?

The Place du Cygne has several cafés with large outdoor seating areas on the plaza facing the monument to General Marceau.

Rue Percheronne, south of the cathedral on the way to Place Châtelet, has several small restaurants, most serving light or simple meals (pizza, pasta, sandwiches, etc.)

Chartres is particularly rich in Turkish kebap places—there are a half dozen near the train station alone. For a quick, cheap, filling snack or light lunch, they're a good choice.


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Café Serpente, Chartres, France

Le Café Serpente, right next to the cathedral
on its south side.





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