Paris Travel Planner   Monet's Water Lilies, Giverny
Monet is perhaps best known for his many paintings of the water lilies at Giverny, the most famous of which are found in the Orangerie in Paris.




The ultimate goal of a visit to Monet's house and gardens is to see the famous water lilies that inspired so much of Monet's work, particularly in his latter years.

The water lilies are across the road from the house and gardens, a separate area where Monet spent much time. The views are serene and inspiring, with water lilies and willows gracefully co-existing.

Water lilies, Monet's house, Giverny, France

The water lilies themselves are exquisite, with delicate colors.

Water lilies, Giverny, France

Visitors can walk across the Japanese Bridge, which also appears in many of Monet's paintings.

Narrow paths lead around the ponds, giving a variety of views and perspectives. A variety of other flowers bloom nearby, providing more visual interest.

Red lilies, Giverny, France

Monet's House and Gardens

Monet's Flowers

Getting to Giverny

Monet in Paris


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Water lilies, Giverny, France

Above: water lilies in bloom, Giverny.

Below: The Japanese Bridge, Giverny.

Japanese Bridge, Giverny, France

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