France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Restaurants in Amiens, France
Good dining areas are found in many parts of Amiens. Here are the most promising and pleasant places for breakfast, lunch, a drink or dinner.




Amiens restaurants offer special local dishes:

Pâté de canard d'Amiens, duck pâté in pastry

—Ficelle Picarde, an oven-baked savory crêpe topped with melted cheese

—Flamiche aux poireaux, puff pastry with leeks and cream

—Macarons d'Amiens, sweet almond-paste cookies

Rabote, a large apple baked in pastry

—Tuiles amienoises, chocolate and orangeshaped cookies made with orange and chocolate

Flamiche aux poireaux, Amiens, France
Rabote de la Maison, a specialty of Amiens...

Quai Bélu

In the Saint-Leu district on the banks of the River Somme just northeast of the Cathedral, (map), Quai Bélu between Rue de la Dodane & Boulevard du Cange is lined with café-bars and restaurants busy from morning till late at night. It's the most pleasant place in the city for a drink or a meal. Our favorite is the Restaurant Le Quai.

Place du Don/Rue des Bondés

Across the River Somme from Quai Bélu, the Place du Don and Rue des Bondés intersection spans a canal where café-bars bustle nightly with Amien's younger generations, mostly drinking, some eating, with a higher noise level.

Near the Cathedral

Beside the cathedral on Rue Cormont anre a few small bistrots with sidewalk tables and indoor dining rooms for lunch or dinner.

Rue Dusevel, west of the cathedral's parvis (forecourt), also has numerous bistrots with sidewalk seating, even more more facing the little park-and-pool at the intersection with Rue des Sergents.

Quai Belu on the River Somme, Amiens, France
Quai Bélu on the River Somme, Amiens, France.

Place René Goblet

Le Goblet café on Place René Goblet, with its green park and statue of Général Leclerc, is good for a coffee or a glass of something cool.

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Place du Don & Cathedral, Amiens, France

Place du Don on the canal beneath the cathedral.


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