France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Saint-Leu, Amiens, Somme, France
The oldest part of the city is made even more charming by the many canals that cut through it.

  Amiens, France
As you cross the bridge to the
Quai Bélu, you'll see this
wooden statue, Man on a Buoy.
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The Saint-Leu area dates to the Middle Ages. Its location on the River Somme and its canals made it a perfect location for mills, and it was home to many weavers, tanners, and millers.

The Cathedral Notre-Dame d'Amiens abuts and leads to Saint-Leu. Constructed in the 13th century, it was supported in part by the dyers of Saint-Leu. A lovely stroll through the Bishop's gardens leads you down to the lower town of the Saint-Leu quarter.

The Place du Don contains the oldest houses of Amiens, though today it is much more known for its lively cafés and restaurants. Crossing the footbridge, you'll come to the Quai Bélu, home to numerous waterside restaurants, nestled in beautiful old houses.

From here you can walk across another footbridge to the Parc Saint-Pierre, 54 acres of lovely parkland, canals, and a lake. Walk along the Halage, or tow path until you come to the Boulevard de Beauvillé; continue up this street for a few minutes to reach the Embarcadère des Hortillonnages, where you can take a boat trip and visit the hortillonnages, or floating gardens. More...

Back in Saint-Leu, wander the narrow streets to the Église Saint-Leu, dating from the 15th century. As you continue to stroll the narrow streets, you will see the puppet theater, in a former weaving factory; university buildings; and a watermill "passe-avant et passe-arrière," a reminder of the importance of milling in the quarter's history.

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  Quai Bélu, Amiens, France

Above, Restaurants lining the Quai Bélu in the historic Saint-Leu section of Amiens.




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