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We enjoyed our dining in Caen—good selection of restaurants, from fine cuisine to simple, quick cafés.




Caen is large enough to offer a variety of restaurants, from simple cafés to sophisticated dining. Many are located in the central part of town, near the Château and the Rue St-Pierre (map).

There are also a number of restaurants in the area of the Port de Plaisance, or marina.

Some restaurants in Caen seem at first glance to offer only Prix Fixe menus, but if you look a little closer you'll realize that all of the items offered in the menu can be ordered à la carte as well.

You can mix and match if you want a first course from one menu and a main dish from another, though you may pay a little more.

We had excellent dinners at ArchiDona, next to the Hôtel des Quatrans on rue Gemare, and Le Bouchon de Vaugueux, on rue Graindorge, near the Château.

In both restaurants the cuisine was refined and delicious and the prices, for a three-course meal, reasonable for the quality (70 euros for dinner for two at ArchiDona, with wine; somewhat higher at Le Bouchon, but maybe it was the Champagne...)

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Above, An amuse-gueule (small appetizer, literally "mouth amuser") offered at ArchiDona.

Below, In Normandy, apple tart is always on the menu, served this time with artistic flair.


Apple tart, Caen, France

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