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Seafood and other fine foods are available in Calais.




Calais has a number of excellent restaurants, many of which specialize in seafood.

You'll find many of them clustered around the Rue Royale, the center of town, or in the port area.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Le Channel, at 3 Boulevard Résistance, near the water. It's a family-run restaurant that's been in business for over 30 years.

Tiny tarts, Calais, France  
Mini tarts: almost
too pretty to eat...

We chose a three course prix-fixe menu. My meal consisted of an excellent soup of seasonal vegetables, fresh fish with asparagus, and my choice from the dessert cart.

We started our meal with a kir (white wine and crème de cassis), and enjoyed wine with the meal and coffee afterwards.

The total for two of us was 100€, and we felt that we got our money's worth.

In addition to the dinner, they also served a little amuse-bouche (tiny appetizer) to start, and ended with some delicate mini tarts, each one topped with a fresh berry.

If you want more casual fare, you'll find plenty of places along the Rue Royale and surrounding streets.

And if you want French fries or chips, you'll find plenty of stands along the Calais beaches!

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Fresh fish, Calais, France

Above, Delicious fresh fish and vegetables at Le Channel.

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