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Because it is a good port, and close to the English coast (map), Calais has always been an important transit point for traffic between the British Isles and France. With the opening of the Channel Tunnel, Calais's importance as a transit point only increased.

Channel Tunnel - Eurostar

Eurostar, the fast train between St Pancras Station, London, and the Gare du Nord, Paris, emerges from the earth in Calais and makes its first stop in France at the Calais-Fréthun station 10 km (6 miles) south of the center of Calais (map). More...

A navette (shuttle bus) connects Calais-Fréthun station with Calais-Ville, the train station in the city center.

TGV High-Speed Trains

Numerous SNCF TGV trains speed you between Calais and Paris in about 1.75 hours. Note that the station for TGV trains is Calais-Fréthun, 10 km (6 miles) south of the center, not Calais-Ville (map). Take the navette (shuttle bus) to travel between the two stations.

TER Regional Trains

TER Nord Pas-de-Calais regional trains connect Calais with other cities and towns in the region, including Dunkirk, from the Calais-Ville station in the center of Calais (map).

Ferry Terminal, Calais, Normandy, France
The Calais Ferry Terminal...

Ferries - Port of Calais

Daily ferries connect Calais with Dover, England, operated by P&O Ferries, DFDS Seaways, and MyFerryLink. More...

There are also DFDS Seaways ferries between Dover and Dunkirk (Loon Plage, Gravelines). More...

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Ferry Port, Calais, Normandy, France

Ferry port, Calais, Normandy.

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