France Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher   Beaches and Cliffs, Fécamp, France
Shingle beaches and dramatic cliffs make for lovely views.




There is a long curved beach at the head of the port in Fécamp. A long walk way allows you to stroll from one end to the other, admiring the views.

A lighthouse marks one end of the promenade. Just over it is Cap Fagnet, a cliff that offers lovely views of the port, the town, and the English Channel (called La Manche in French).

Cap Fagnet, Fecamp, France
Above, Cap Fagnet, lighthouse, and pebble beach of Fécamp.

At the other end of the beach are the beautiful curving falaises, or cliffs.

But beach walkers beware! Although the British call this type of beach a shingle beach, to my mind it's just made of rocks and pebbles. Lovely to look at, but difficult to walk on (the pebbles can be slippery) and not much fun for sitting or lying on either, since they're hard and uneven. We stayed on the promenade.

So enjoy the view and the falaises, white chalk cliffs made over time from the calcified shells of small marine animals. They're dramatic and beautiful.

Or take a walk up to the top of Cap Fagnet, where you can enjoy the views and visit the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Salut,

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Falaises, Fecamp, France

Above, The falaises at the southern end of the beach, Fécamp.

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