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I love water views, and Fécamp offers several beautiful ones.




We checked into our hotel in Fécamp, and I immediately headed to the balcony to look out over the port. I could happily have stayed there for hours, but there was more to see in Fécamp.

Fécamp, France
Above, View across the port to Cap Fagnet, Fécamp.

Head down to the beach and the breakwater, and you can walk along the sea wall, admire the lighthouse, and see the famous falaises, or cliffs, that surround the town. It's also a great place to enjoy the sunset. More...

Stroll around the port and admire the old buildings, the boats, church steeples, and the many restaurants that line the main street. (A new Fisheries Museum, Les Pêcheries, is in the works, scheduled to open in 2014 but subject to delays.)

From the port you can take an excursion boat to nearby Étretat, another beautiful beachfront town.

The Palais Bénédictine, with its ornate tall tower, is visible from various points of the town. This is where Bénédictine liqueur is made, and you can learn about the history and development of the drink. More...

Fécamp also has some notable churches, including the Église St-Étienne, historically the church of the fishermen, and the Abbatiale de la Ste-Trinité.

The narrow streets of the town wind around the other neighborhoods, offering a glimpse of life in a small seaport town.

Across the port from the main part of town is Cap Fagnet, whose high hill offers beautiful views of the town and the English Channel. The small Chapelle Notre-Dame de Salut memorializes sailors who have died at sea. You can walk to Cap Fagnet and the chapel from the town.

You won't find Fécamp on a lot of major tourist routes. It's a bit à coté, or off to the side, which is part of what we enjoyed about it. Here's how to go to Fécamp.

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Palais Benedictine, Fécamp, France

Above, Benedictine Palace, Fécamp.

Below, Sunset, Fécamp.


Sunset, Fécamp, France

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