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In addition to the Abbey, Mont Saint-Michel has several good small museums worth a visit.




Four small museums offer the visitor additional information about Mont St-Michel, its history, and its environment. In addition, the Scriptorial d'Avranches, in the nearby town of Avranches, houses medieval manuscripts from Mont St-Michel. More...


The Archeoscope offers a multimedia show about the history and construction of Mont St-Michel.

Logis Tiphaine

Tiphaine's House dates from the 14th century. The house was built by Bertrand du Guecslin for his wife Tiphaine.

Visitors can see the house, its furniture, tapestries, paintings, and other decorative items.

Du Guesclin was one of France's best known knights, often called the Eagle of Brittany. He was Constable of France, or chief military officer, from 1370 to 1380.

Although he was buried at St-Denis, near Paris, his heart was taken to Dinan, where it remains in the Church of St-Sauveur.

History Museum

The History Museum recounts the history of Mont St-Michel. It includes weapons, paintings, sculptures, and also gives a glimpse of the prisons and dungeons.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum provides information on the amazing tides, as well as efforts to restore the maritime character of Mont St-Michel.

Tickets are sold by the individual museums, and a combined ticket provides reduced entrance fees for all four.

Mont St-Michel at high tide
Mont St-Michel surrounded by water at high tide.

Abbey of Mont St-Michel

La Grande Rue

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Scriptorial d'Avranches

Tides at Mont St-Michel

About Mont St-Michel

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House of Tiphaine, Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Above, Tiphaine's House, dating from the 14th century, Mont St-Michel, France.

Below, Mont St-Michel surrounded by sand on a summer day.


Mont St-Michel, France

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