Paris Travel Planner   Île-de-France, the Region of Paris
The region around Paris, known as the Île-de-France, pretty much defines "Greater Paris and suburbs."  




Île-de-France is one of the 18 régions of Metropolitan France (that is, continental European France). More than 12 million people live in its 12,000+ square kilometers (4,638 square miles), mostly in the great French capital city of Paris. More...

Any visitor to Paris should know about the Île-de-France because they'll hear it referred to, and much of the transportation of metropolitan Parisincludes not just the city of Paris proper, but the entire Île-de-France: Paris and all of the cities surrounding it in 12,000 square kilometers.

A vast and complicated rail network connects the Île-de-France suburbs of Paris to the city center. Called the Transilien, it is operated by the French national SNCF rail network.

You may take Transilien trains to travel between Paris's major airports (Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly), and to such tourist destinations as Giverny, Saint-Denis, and Versailles.

Ticketing and schedules for Transilien trains can be different than for the RATP Paris city transportation system (Métro, city buses, trams, funiculars), and also different from the SNCF national and international train systems. More...

Transilien Logo
This sign means trains on the Île-de-France
metropolitan railroad system.

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Īle-de-France Map, Paris, France

A map of the Île-de-France showing the communes (towns) of the région, with Paris at its center.

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