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Transilien means "...across the Île-de-France," the region surrounding Paris. It's a vast network, and can be confusing. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself before using it.




Transilien is the term used to designate Paris suburban and regional trains, operated by SNCF, serving the various cities and towns of the Île-de-France, the region surrounding metropolitan Paris (map).

The system includes 16 train and bus lines, 8 tramway lines, 3,783 km (2,351 miles) of track and more than 400 stations.

You'll see the SNCF Transilien logo in many of Paris's major train stations, on ticket machines and on trains such as the RER suburban trains, and those that go farther from the center of Paris.

A distinction is made between SNCF Transilien trains and SNCF Grandes Lignes (Main Line) intercity, long-distance and international trains. Usually, you buy tickets for the two different systems from different ticket machines or ticket offices. More...

Here's a plan of the Transilien system along with the Paris Métro system (also sometimes called the Réseau Francilien) to show how they interconnect.

There is the useful SNCF Transilien smartphone app for Apple iOS and Google Android.

The Transilien system website has an English version with lots more information. More...

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