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For all its history, it is the art and architecture of Notre-Dame that will awe and delight you. You'll pass the church many times. Drop in!




The Gothic majesty of Paris's Cathedral of Notre-Dame dominates the Seine from its perch on the Île de la Cité.

Begun in 1160 and finished a century and a half later, it also dominates the ecclesiastical history of Paris.

The kings of France sat in splendor here to be crowned by the bishop of Paris in this hallowed sanctuary.

Napoleon was different: he seized the crown from the bishop's hands and placed it on his own head, symbolizing his self-reliant achievement.

Built in an age of illiteracy, Bible stories are everywhere, carved into the portals, painted on the altars, and emblazoned in the glorious stained glass windows.

The main part of the cathedral is open to the public free of charge most of the time, but it is crowded even in winter. At very busy times guards may close the doors temporarily to avoid over-crowding.

Organ, choral and other musical concerts, often free of charge, are presented frequently in the church. Look at the notice-boards or Pariscope for details.

La Cathédrale de Notre-Dame is still very much the seat of the archbishop of Paris, and an active place of worship. Quiet must be observed inside at all times. Do not use flash when taking photographs. It's customary and polite for men to remove their hats upon entering.

During mass and other religious services, parts of the church may be closed to visitors.

You can also visit the towers, or Les Tours de Notre-Dame, for some beautiful views of Paris and close-ups of the gargoyles.

Métro: Cité or St-Michel
RER: St-Michel Notre-Dame

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Cathedrale de Notre-Dame, Paris, France

Above: An unmistakable landmark: La Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, Paris, France.
Below: Back view of Notre-Dame, seen from the Left Bank.

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Notre Dame seen from the Left Bank

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