Paris Travel Planner   Église St-Julien-Le-Pauvre, France
One of the oldest churches in Paris, on the Left Bank.




The church of Saint-Julien-Le-Pauvre is small and easily overlooked. However, this ancient building has a long and interesting history. Among visitors to Paris, however, it is perhaps best known for the frequent classical music concerts it offers.

We were fortunate enough to hear an all-Chopin concert in this small and interesting space. The pianist, Teresa Janina Czekaj, who is herself Poiish, strode down the center aisle, sat at the piano, and played Chopin non-stop for well over an hour. No introductions, no applause, no distractions: just wonderful music. And she even played two pieces as encores after the applause!

Tickets are available at the church or may be purchased in advance.

We were a bit surprised by the interior of the church, until we learned that it is a Melkite Greek Catholic church, an affilitation that dates back to 1889. The iconostasis, a wall of reigious paintings and icons, was added in 1900. It separates the nave from the sanctuary and provides a lovely backdrop for concerts.

St-Julien-le-Pauvre, Paris
St-Julien-le-Pauvre, set up for a piano concert in front of the iconostasis.

The church building dates to the 12th century, though there was a church on the site as early as the 6th century. It is also near the oldest tree in Paris, in the Square René Viviani. This locust tree is believed to have been planted in 1601.

The English-language bookshop Shakespeare & Company is another close neighbor of Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre.

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  St-Julien-le-Pauvre, Paris

The simple facade of the Église St-Julien-le-Pauvre.




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