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The Château d'Écouen has many beautiful Renaissance tapestries.




The Musée National de la Renaissance-Château d'Écouen, the Renaissance Museum just north of Paris, is a wonderful building with beautiful collections of paintings, furniture, ceramics, tiles, and more. But its collection of tapestries sets it apart.

Ten panels (not all of which are on view at all times) tell the story of David and Bathsheba. These tapestries were woven in Brussels in the 1520s and once belonged to King Henry VIII.

The panels are found in the Pavilion of Abigail, the Gallery of Psyche, and the King's Chamber. Each is 7 by 4.55 meters (about 23 feet long by 15 feet high).

Although such tapestry "suites" were regularly found in Renaissance châteaux to provide decoration and warmth, the David and Bathsheba Suite is the largest suite existing in France today.

In addition to wool and silk threads, the tapestries also include gilt threads. The detail and facial expressions are amazing, and they are still vibrant after almost 500 years.

David and Bathsheba, Ecouen, France


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Scribe, tapestry, Ecouen, France

Above, The Scribe begins writing the Tale of David and Bathsheba.

Below, The Scribe closes the book on the story.

Ecouen scribe tapestry, France

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