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Frequent trains provide easy access to the Château d'Écouen




The Musée National de la Renaissance-Château d'Écouen is located about 20 kilometers north of Paris in the small town of Écouen. It's easily accessible by train from the Gare du Nord.

This is a transilien train (not grand ligne) so look for transilien when you buy your ticket. The stop is Écouen-Ezanville, and you'll be taking a train that goes in the direction of Luzarches or Persan Beaumont via Montsoult. There are three or four trains per hour, and the trip is only about 22 minutes, so it's easy to get there.

When you arrive in Écouen-Ezanville, you can either take the 269 bus (Paris métro ticket accepted) to the Mairie stop and follow the signs to the Château from there, or walk through the beautiful forest. The walk is about 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) through the woods.

As you leave the train station, bear to the right. You'll pass some shops and a bakery and then come to the small Allée du Bois. From here you will see signs directing you to the Château d'Écouen through the forest path.

As you walk, you may need to remind yourself that you are ony about 20 minutes away from the center of Paris!

Forest d'Écouen, France

You'll approach the Château from the back and then can walk around to the front entrance to begin your visit.


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Ecouen-Ezanville Gare, France

Above, Train Station, Écouen-Ezanville, France.

Below, Bus stop, Écouen-Ezanville.

Bus stop, Ecouen, France

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