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Here's where to find the hotel shuttle buses (navettes hôtels) & courtesy vans at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, and which of the vans or buses to board.

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CDGVal Shuttle Train route map, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France
CDGVal Shuttle Train Route Map




A few hotels at or near Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle are right within the airport itself, reachable on foot, by CDGVal shuttle train, or by airport shuttle bus. The others, off the airport property, are served by free hotel shuttle buses, or by hotel courtesy vans.

All of the information on this page is subject to change!

Be Careful! Confusing Hotel Names!

As you may have noticed, names of hotels at CDG Airport can be confusing: there are more than five Ibis hotels, for example, as well as four Novotels and four Première Classe hotels, all in different locations. If you take the wrong shuttle bus or courtesy van, you'll end up at a hotel that has the "right" name, but doesn't have your reservation. Double-check the exact name and the location of your hotel. If in doubt, show your reservation to the shuttle bus or courtesy van driver.

No Shuttle Bus/Van Needed

The following hotels are right in the airport, reachable on foot and/or via CDGVAL shuttle train:

citizenM Paris CDG Airport


Ibis CDG at Roissypôle

Novotel Roissypôle

Hilton CDG

Mercure Paris CDG Airport & Convention

—Innside by Melia Paris CDG Airport

—Moxy Pris CDG Airport

—Yotelair CDG


Where to Find the Shuttle Buses
& Courtesy Vans

Aérogare 2

  Brioche Dorée, Aérogare 2, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France

Hotel shuttle buses and courtesy vans depart from the roof level above the Aérogare 2 train station (also called Gare SNCF, Terminal 2 Gare TGV, and Paris par train/Paris by train) between Terminals 2E (Air France/Skyteam) and 2D

Look for the Brioche Dorée bakery shop on the upper level above the Aérogare 2 train station, and climb the stairs or take the elevator/lift near it up to the roof. You'll see the shuttle buses and courtesy van stops.

Look for the Hotels by Shuttles sign:

Hotels by Shuttles sign, Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Aérogare 1 - Roissypôle

At Aérogare 1 - Roissypôle, look for the courtesy/shuttle buses just outside the main entrance to the complex, clearly marked, with schedules posted..

Roissypôle entrance, Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle
Shuttle buses stop in front of the main entrance
of the Roissypôle complex.

Color-Coded Shuttle Bus Routes

To hotels in Roissy-en-France and the Paris Nord 2 Business Park, Keolis operates three color-coded hotel shuttle bus (navette) lines (Black, Pink & Blue) serving 18 hotels. Here are downloadable timetables.

The Black and Pink Lines serve thirteen hotels in Roissy-en-France; the Blue Line serves five hotels in Paris Nord 2 Business Park. (Hotels in other locations, such as in Le Mesnil-Amelot, are served by hotel courtesy van—see below).

These free color-coded shuttle buses run about every 20 minutes from 05:00 (5:00 am) to 00:30 (12:30 am) or 01:30 (1:30 am), departing from Roissypôle (Aérogare 1, Terminal 3, Gare Routière), stopping at Aérogare 2 (Terminal 2) before heading for the hotels.

Black Line

Both the Black Line and the Pink Line serve hotels along a 1.2-km (3/4-mile) stretch of Allée du Verger in Roissy-en-France (map), but the two different lines stop at different lists of hotels. (The thirteen hotels along Allée du Verger are fairly close together, across the street from one another.)

The trip between Aérogare 1 and Aérogare 2 takes 12 to 15 minutes, and from the last of these to the middle of Allée du Verger another 12 to 15 minutes, so allow at least 30 minutes for the ride from your hotel to either airport stop (although your shuttle bus trip maybe as short as 10 minutes, depending on which hotel you use, which Aérogare you're going to or from, and how many passengers get on and off the bus at each stop.)

The Black Line stops at these hotels along the west and north sides of Allée du Verger:

—Ibis Styles Roissy


—Holiday Inn

—Novotel Convention


—Residhome Apparthotel

Black Line hotel shuttle, CDG Airport, Paris

Pink Line

The Pink Line followes the same route as the Black Line, but in the opposite direction along Allée du Verger, stopping at these hotels on the south and east sides:

—B & B

—Première Classe


—Golden Tulip

—Novotel Suites


—Best Western

Pink Line hotel shuttle, CDG Airport, Paris

Blue Line

The Blue Line serves hotels in Paris Nord 2 Business Park:

—Formule 1


—Ibis Budget

—Novotel Suites

—Première Classe Paris Nord 2

Blue Line hotel shuttle, CDG Airport, Paris

Other Hotel Courtesy Vans

If your off-airport hotel is not one of those above (such as the hotels in Le Mesnil-Amelot), it is probably served by a hotel courtesy van, which may or may not charge a fare. Check with your hotel to learn the schedule and if there is a fare.

Most—but not all—courtesy vans stop at the Aérogare 2 train station in Terminal 2, and most also stop at Roissypôle for Aérogare 1 (though the sign on the station reads not Aérogare 1 but Gare Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle 1).

Hotel courtesy vans, CDG Airport, Paris

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Black Line Hotel Shuttle, Paris CDG Airport

Black Line Shuttle (navette) to hotels along
Allée du Verger in Roissy-en-France.

CDG Airport Hotels Map:

Stairs to Hotel Courtesy Buses, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France

Climb these stairs to the Hotel Shuttle Bus & Courtesy Van stop, or use the nearby elevator/lift.

Pink Line hotel bus, CDG Airport, Paris
Pink Line bus at Aérogare 2

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