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The Aérogare 1 train station on the RER Line B is at the Roissypôle complex in Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, near Paris CDG airport hotels and a bus terminal.




The most important things to know about Aérogare 1 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport are:

Aérogare 1 is located in the Roissypôle complex.

—You can easily board an RER Line B train to the center of Paris here. All southbound trains from Aérogare 1 go to the center of Paris. (Some are expresses and get there faster. Here's how to choose a train, and here's how to buy your ticket.)

—You cannot board any other sort of train at Aérogare 1. (For SNCF trains (such as TGV trains) to other cities in France and Europe, you must go instead to Aérogare 2.)

—When you see signs in the airport pointing to the Gare and/or Paris par train, they are probably pointing you toward Aérogare 2, not Aérogare 1.

—Coming north by RER Line B train from the center of Paris toward the airport, the first airport station at which the train stops is Aérogare 1. The second and final airport stop is Aérogare 2.

—The free CDGVAL airport shuttle train connects Aérogare 1 with Terminals 1 and 2, Aérogare 2, car parking lots, and other important points at Paris-CDG Airport.

—There are three airport hotels in the Roissypôle complex which surrounds Aérogare 1, and several shops for snacks and drinks near the train ticket windows.

—All airport hotel shuttle buses stop at Aérogare 1.

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Aerogare 1, Roissypole, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Above, in keeping with the amazingly illogical nomenclature at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Aérogare 1 is not marked as Aérogare 1, but rather as Roissypôle-Gare. Go figure.

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