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Here's a place to stay for one or more hours, or overnight, within the secure transit area of CDG Airport, if you're waiting for a flight departing the European Union.




The Yotelair Hotel at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is a special layover hotel positioned especially for travelers arriving at CDG and waiting for an Air France or Skyteam-partner flight to a destination outside the European Union—to North or South America, Africa, Asia, etc.

If your flight arrives or departs from Terminal 2E, K, L or M, you needn't leave the secure transit area of the terminal to reach the Yotelair. You can book a room for an hour, a few hours, or overnight, and relax in a small but very modern, high-tech room with all the conveniences: adjustable bed, private bathroom with shower; large TV monitor with international channels and connections for your own devices; work desk; self-service check-in and check-out 24 hours a day; a Club Lounge with Wifi, device charging stations, free hot beverages, and vending machines for travel needs.

Yotelair "cabins" (as they call their rooms) come in three varieties: for one or two persons, for three or four persons, and for those who use wheelchairs.

Special Requirements

Let's be clear: you cannot access this hotel unless:

1. You are arriving or departing on an Air France or other Skyteam-partner airline (such as Aeroflot, Alitalia, Delta Air Lines, etc.).

2. You must be waiting for a flight that departs on these airlines for a destination outside the European Union.

3. You must arrive and depart from CDG Terminal 2E, K, L or M.

About Your Baggage...

As the hotel is in the secure transit area, you can only bring carry-on luggage to your room. Your large luggage must be checked through to your destination, or checked in early with your airline outside the secure area, or consigned to the luggage storage area outside the secure area.

Yotelair CDG Transit Hotel
CDG Airport Terminal 2E Gate L

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Yotelair CDG Airport, Paris, France

Yotelair CDG Hotel: small rooms,
but comfy, and very high-tech...



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