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Two types of hostels in Paris: youth hostels (auberges de jeunesse) associated with Hostelling International, and private hostels at which any traveler of any age may stay.




Paris has four large youth hostels (auberge de jeunesse) affiliated with Hostelling International (HI) and its French counterpart, the Fédération unie des auberges de jeunesse (FUAJ). More...

These hostels all offer Internet access, TV lounges, laundry and self-catering kitchen facilities, luggage storage rooms, private lockers, non-smoking areas, café-bars, and the price includes bed linens and continental breakfast. They're open 24 hours a day, though the bedrooms may be closed for a few hours each afternoon.

You must have a hostel membership card to stay at them. More...

There are also private hostels popular with youth, students and some older budget travelers, at which you need no official hostel membership card. More...

HI-FUAJ Youth Hostels in Paris

Private Hostels in Paris

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Auberge de jeunesse Jules Ferry, Paris, France

Jules Ferry Youth Hostel, Paris.

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