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Paris has always been a leader in art, with a history of bringing contemporary art to the public.

Statue of Sainte-Geneviève by Paul Landowski on the Pont de la Tournelle, Paris, France
Statue of Sainte-Geneviève by Paul Landowski on the Pont de la Tournelle, Paris, France: all of Paris is an open-air art museum!



If you like modern art, you have a variety of opportunities to see it in Paris.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou is perhaps best known for its unorthodox building, but it also houses the Musée National d'Art Moderne, with works by French and foreign artists from 1900 to the present. More...

Centre Pompidou, Paris

Atelier Brancusi

Just across the Plaza from the Centre Pompideau is the Atelier Brancusi. Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian-born sculptor who lived in Paris for much of his life, bequeathed his entire studio to France, on condition that it be reproduced exactly as it was at the time of his death. Admission to the Atelier Brancusi is free.

Bourse de Commerce/
Pinault Collection

The newest addition to the contemporary art scene in Paris is the Bourse de Commerce/Pinault Collection. Housed in the lovely Bourse building, not far from the church of St-Eustache, the Pinault Collection opened in 2021. Visitors get to not only appreciate the contemporary art, but also experience this beautiful, historic building. More...

Museum of Modern Art

  Le Prophète by Louis Derbré, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France
  Le Prophète by Louis Derbré (2008), Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.

The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris opened in 1961, with the transfer of the modern collections of the Petit Palais to this new museum. It has a large permanent collection and many special exhibitions; admission to the permanent collections is free. More...

Espace Dalí Montmartre

Those who like Surrealism should head to Montmartre and visit the Espace Dalí Montmartre. This quirky little museum boasts one of the world's largest collections of works by Salvador Dalí. More...

Musée des Années Trente

The Museum of the 1930s in the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt has a superb collection of all arts from the 1930s (les années trente): painting, sculpture, architecture, furniture, décor, ceramics and glass, by a wide variety of artists active between the World Wars. More...

Special Exhibitions

There are also opportunities to see contemporary art in a variety of venues that host special exhibitions. The Grand Palais is known for its impressive exhibitions, and other museums and galleries also actively support modern art. More...

Public Art

Paris is also known for its public art, and you'll see modern works on display in a variety of parks and gardens around the city. More...

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Paris Girls Secret Society, the new novel by Tom Brosnahan


Matisse dancers, Modern Art Museum, Paris

Above, Matisse, La Dance de Paris, at the
Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris.

Below, Espace Dali Montmartre.

Espace Dali Montmartre, Paris

Paris Girls Secret Society, the new novel by Tom Brosnahan

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