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For a delicious meal or salad made with fresh herbs, try the Coté Bergamote on the Left Bank, in the Saint-Germain area of Paris.




Our first lunch in Paris during this trip was on a lovely warm Sunday afternoon in late May. We wanted to eat something light and sit outside and enjoy Paris. Coté Bergamote, on a quiet street near the Marché Saint-Germain and the lovely Église St. Sulpice, in the 6th arrondissement, fit our needs nicely.

We each ordered large salads, mine with tiny mozzarella balls with a pesto dressing, wonderful thin sliced country ham (think the best prosciutto you've ever had), lots of greens and shaved vegetables, fresh cilantro and other delightful flavors. Tom's salad had huge slabs of smoked salmon, delightful emmenthaler cheese, and fresh greens. A couple of glasses of red wine and some crusty French bread, and we were fully satisfied.

Main course salads are a relatively new thing in Paris restaurants, and a very welcome addition to the menu!

Coté Bergamote also has a full menu of starters and main courses, with lots of fresh herbs in evidence, and a yummy dessert menu. In good weather, dining outside is great, but the inside dining room is also charming.

This restaurant, and several others we noticed, offered a variation on the prix fixe menu. Everything was standard priced, which keeps it simple and gives you lots of choices. At lunch, you could get one main course or salad for 13.3 euros, a main plus one other course (appetizer or dessert) for 18.5 €, or three courses for 22.2 €. Dinner prices were somewhat higher, and of course you can also order à la carte.

Métro: Mabillon or Odéon

Coté Bergamote
8 rue Montfaucon
75006 Paris
Tel: +33 1 43 26 50 56

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French bread in Paris, France

A great salad, a basket of crusty French bread, and a glass of wine make a perfect lunch in Paris.

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