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Parisians don't have picnics just to save money, they picnic to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine, the parks, conversation with friends. Picnicking is very Parisian....  




Most of us think of picnicking in Paris as a way to get sustinence while saving money, but in fact a Parisian picnic is much more than that.

Take one look at the Parisians picnicking at the Square du Vert-Galant, at the western tip of the Île de la Cité just off the Pont Neuf, or in the park behind the Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, or on a bench by the Seine, and you'll know that to picnic is a pleasure, not just a meal.

The magic words for picnic supplies are:

boulangerie — bakery

charcuterie — delicatessen

épicerie — grocery

patisserie — pastry shop

traiteur prepared foods shop

and also ...à emporter (" take away"), as in Sandwiches à emporter or Sushi à emporter.

  Creperie, Paris, France
  Quick, easy, tasty, and very French...

Cold meats, pâtés, salads, breads, rolls, cakes, crêpes and pastries are all on delectable display. Some dishes are expensive (but worth the money), others are cheap. You can also opt to buy a ready-made sandwich at a bakery or at a sandwich shop like Brioche Dorée.

No one will mind if you discreetly and unobjectionally pour a glass or two of wine or beer to sip with your picnic.

You don't need to be near the Seine to find a great picnic spot. Paris is liberally sprinkled with wonderful parks and gardens where you can sit on a bench or lie on the grass and savor your picnic lunch. More...

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Ile de la Cite, Paris, France

Picnickers by the Square du Vert-Galant on Île de la Cité in Paris.

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