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Who would have thought that one of the largest department stores in Paris would also have a unique and lovely restaurant?




My friend Ann introduced us to the Brasserie Printemps and I am so glad she did!

Located on the 6th floor of the Printemps Women's Department (Mode) near the Opéra Garnier in Paris, the restaurant sits under the magnificent art nouveau stained glass dome. This cupola was constructed in 1923 and contains 3,185 individual pieces of stained glass.

Mirrored tables circle the central bar, which is topped with a giant balloon. The mirrored table tops allow you to enjoy the beautiful stained glass from all angles.

The Brasserie Printemps is worth a visit just to see the dome, but the food is also excellent, if a bit pricey.

Four of us enjoyed a lovely lunch under the dome, starting with kir (white wine and cassis) and a complimentary amuse gueule , literally a "mouth amuser" or small appetizer. We enjoyed eggplant purée served in a small glass and topped with cream (picture below).

For lunch I had a lentil salad, which consisted of a long block of nicely seasoned lentils topped by smoked salmon and caviar, accompanied by small pancakes. Other dishes included scallops served with a beet puree, soup, and pasta.

Lunch for four came to 85, and it felt like a special occasion.

Girls enjoying lunch beneath the dome at Brasserie Printemps
Girls enjoying lunch beneath the dome at Brasserie Printemps, Paris.

Printemps offers a variety of other restaurants, ranging from the 9th floor Déli-Cieux (wonderful pun if you know the French pronunciation of delicious!), with its panoramic views of Paris, to the sushi bar Baramaki, to the World Bar in the men's store, to a tea salon.

The restaurant will also be decorated appropriately for the season and for special holidays. The tree in the center at Christmas time would look large in any other setting, but it is dwarfed by the size of the dome.

Métro: Havre Caumartin or Opéra
RER: Auber or Hausmann St-Lazare

Brasserie Printemps
Printemps de la Mode, 6th floor
64, Blvd Haussman
Paris 75009
+33 1 42 82 58 84

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Lentil salad at Brasserie Printemps

Above , lentil salad with smoked salmon
and petit pancakes.

Below, Brasserie Printemps with its lovely Christmas tree below the dome.

  Brasserie Printemps at Christmas, Paris    
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