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This self-service restaurant also offers great views of Paris.




I have long been a fan of the Brasserie Printemps in the Printemps women's store in Paris. Recently I discovered the wonderfully named Déli-Cieux, a roof garden self-service restaurant on top of the adjoining Printemps Beauty/Home store.

A quick explanation for those who don't speak French. The French word for delicious is délicieux. The French word for sky is cieux, so the deli under the sky is therefore the Déli-Cieux, with its panoramic terrace.

Located on the 9th floor of the Beauty/Home store, the Déli-Cieux is a bit hard to find. From the women's store (mode), you can cross on a skyway at the third level, and then take a series of escalators up to the 9th floor.

The food is simple—sandwiches, snacks, coffee, tea, pastries, etc. The view is fabulous. You can buy your food and then take it to a table on the panoramic terrace .Best of all, if you're not hungry you can skip the restaurant and just enjoy the panoramic view of Paris—for free! There are benches and areas to walk around and just look at the views.

I have a weak spot for panoramic views of Paris. I can spend a long time just looking at everything, figuring out which church is which, locating where I'm living, getting different views of the Arc de Triomphe, and more. Although views from the terrace aren't as dramatic as those from the Eiffel Tower or the Tour Montparnasse, they are equally interesting. You get to see things from a closer perspective. And there's no waiting in line and no cost.

Métro: Havre Caumartin or Opéra
RER: Auber or Hausmann St-Lazare

Printemps Beauté/Maison, 9th floor
64, Blvd Haussman
Paris 75009
+33 1 42 82 62 76

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View of Opéra Garnier from Déli-Cieux, at Printemps

Above: view of Opéra Garnier and domes of Printemps department store from Déli-Cieux.

Below: Déli-Cieux awning.

Deli-cieux at Printemps

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