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For a quick breakfast, sandwich, or salad, the Brioche Dorée restaurant chain offers lots of locations in Paris.




Brioche Dorée is a chain operation that you'll find in hundreds of locations across France, with about twenty-five shops in Paris alone.

Brioche Dorée isn't really a restaurant, but rather a place where you can get a tasty sandwich or salad, a pastry, and a drink quickly and for a moderate price. The restaurants are convenient and clean, and they offer a good selection from which to choose your lunch or snack.

Sandwiches are made on good French bread, which is the essential ingredient, and are good sized.

The Brioche Dorée web site proudly announces that they offer restauration rapide à la française, or fast food French style, which is a pretty good description.

You can also get sandwiches and drinks to go, if you want to have a picnic.

Brioche Dorée

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Sandwich, Brioche Dorée, Paris

Sandwich and Orangina, Brioche Dorée, Paris.

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