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The area around the former central food market of Paris has always been known for its restaurants.




The area near Les Halles, the former food market of Paris, is still home to many restaurants and cafés.

Traditionally the Halles restaurants were such places as Au Pied du Cochon (At the Pig's Foot), known for being open 24/7 and for serving onion soup at all hours. You can still dine there and experience some of the old Paris.

Note: Today the Les Halles area is in transition, with a major renovation/construction project scheduled to run through 2015 to remake this area.

Just bordering the construction, and far enough away to be pleasant, is the pedestrian street Rue Pierre-Lescot. Here you'l find one restaurant after another, the length of the street. Choose from a bistro/bar, or a brasserie, a café, or a sushi house.

A couple of blocks over, in the shadow of the church of St-Eustache, you'll also find a few cafés and restaurants.

Once the Les Halles construction is complete, there will likely be many new restaurants to serve visitors to this historic area of Paris.

In the meantime, you can also stroll up to the nearby Rue Montorgueil and check out the many restaurants there, as well as its wonderful market. Or walk over to the Marais and enjoy its cafés.

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Restaurants near Les Halles, Paris

Above, A variety of restaurants on the pedestrian street Pierre-Lescot.

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