Paris Travel Planner   Passages near La Madeleine, Paris
Small but elegant passages, as fitting for this neighborhood.




The lovely Église de la Madeleine sits in the center of a very fashionable area of Paris, with many expensive and elegant shops.

Just across the Place de la Madeleine is the small but lovely Galerie de la Madeleine. The shops and restaurants in this galerie cover a range of items, all beautifully displayed. Shop windows offer lovely samples of the wares, including high fashion.

Farther north, near the Boulevard Hausman, is the Passage Puteaux, which at 29 meters (95 feet) has the distinction of being the shortest passage. Originally built to service the planned Gare Saint-Lazare, it missed that opportunity when the train station was moved farther north.

Today the Passage Puteaux is largely offices, plus a couple of restaurants.

Galerie de la Madeleine, Paris
Interior, Galerie de la Madeleine.

Métro: Madeleine (for Galerie de la Madeleine); Saint-Augustin or Havre-Caumartin(for Passage Puteaux)

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Galerie de la Madeleine, Paris

Above, Elegant entrance to the
Galerie de la Madeleine.

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