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Trottinettes (electric scooters) and other electrified "Personal Motorized Travel Devices" took over Paris streets and sidewalks several years ago, but in April 2023 Parisians voted to ban them from the capital.

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Shared electric scooters proliferated in Paris during the past few years. Officially termed trottinettes electriques en libre-service, you'll also hear them called scouteurs in Franglais. (The official name is Engins de déplacement personnel motorisés (Personal Motorized Travel Devices), or EDPM, which incudes electric scooters and unicycles (monowheels), hoverboards, electric skateboards, and all other small personal motorized travel devices.

They were soon everywhere, up to 40,000 of them on the streets of Paris. Although potentially a useful addition to the city's ecologically-sensitive transportation system, there has been widespread misuse of them, hundreds of traffic accidents, and even deaths.

The City of Paris enacted strict safety regulations for their use, but abuses continued, so early in 2023 a referendum was held to determine their future.

Parisians voted overwhelmingly (90%) to discontinue rental e-scooters. The three companies permitted to rent them, dott, Lime-S, and Tier, will not have their permits renewed when they expire on August 31, 2023.

How to Ride Legally & Safely

Until then, here's how to use these personal transport devices legally and safely:

Download the smartphone app of your choice (dott, Lime, or Tier), register as a user, and consult the app to find the nearest available scooter—it probably won't be far away.

It is illegal to ride them on sidewalks!

The scooters, which can attain speeds of 24 kph (14.8 mph)—four times average walking speed—must be ridden on roadways and in Paris's ubiquitous bike lanes.

At the end of your ride, you must park the scooter in a place and manner dictated by law, or you will be held responsible for an infraction.

Helmets are not generally provided as part of a scooter rental, but it's strongly recommended to wear a helmet when riding a scooter. The City of Paris also recommends that you wear a reflective vest (gilet réfléchissant), at least at night or in conditions of poor visibility.

You're riding on city streets, in traffic, and every other vehicle is bigger, heavier, and faster than yours. If there is a collision—and there are always collisions—the scooter rider is always the loser. The number of deaths of scooter riders climbs every year.

Traffic Laws & Regulations

Scooters are subject to the same laws and regulations as bicycles and motorcycles. The proliferation of trottinettes—and their misuse—has caused the city government to undertake enforcement actions of the regulations regarding their use.

1. Illegal to Ride Scooters on Sidewalks!

Scooters must be ridden in bike lanes and on roadways on which the speed limit is 50 km/h (31 mph) or lower.

You must obey all traffic signs, signals and regulations just like any other motorized vehicle.

Riding on sidewalks (trottoirs) exposes pedestrians, especially children, the elderly, and the handicapped, to danger, and is prohibited. Infractions are subject to a penalty (procès-verbal) of 135 (about US$140).

2. Maximum Speed: 20 km/h

The maximum speed allowed is 25 km/h (about 15.5 mph), or 10 or 20 km/h, about 6 to 12.5 mph, in some areas. (In fact, the e-scooter rental company may automatically slow the speed of your vehicle in high-density areas, based on geo-location.) The penalty for exceeding these limits is 1500! Many scooters have top speeds of 32 km/h (20 mph), so don't ride them at top speed.

3. One Rider per Scooter

Only one person (age 12 or older) is allowed to ride a scooter. Those found riding two on one scooter are subject to a fine of 135 (about US$140).

4. Park Only in Designated Areas

Do not leave your scooter on a sidewalk or other pedestrian area!

The City of Paris has delimited 2,500 special free parking places for scooters (see the photos on this page of scooters in their parking places.) You may also park them in payable motor vehicle (car) and motorcycle (deux roues) parking areas—but you don't need to pay.

The last rider of a scooter improperly parked on a sidewalk or other unauthorized area may be subject to a fine of 35 (about US$36.40). (Remember: the scooter company knows who used the scooter last.)

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Electric scooters in Paris, France

Lime-S electric scooters in a designated scooter parking zone in the tony Place des Vosges, Paris...

Electric scooter parking place, Paris, France
One of the special parking areas
for rented electric scooters in Paris.

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