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Le Boeuf à la Mode Restaurant is a great place to have lunch or dinner after exploring the wonderful Marché Notre-Dame in the center of Versailles.




Most people head to Versailles to see the Château, Louis XIV's vast palace. And it's certainly well worth a visit.

But Versailles itself is a lovely town, just about a half hour away from Paris by RER. With a population of about 90,000, this wealthy community has much to offer. More...

Its central marketplace, the Marché Notre-Dame (map) , has served the community since the time of Louis XIV. Naturally, the market square is surrounded by restaurants of all types and price ranges.

We've dined several times at Le Boeuf à la Mode, a bistro that offers a 1930s ambience and a menu that prides itself on providing both tradition and innovation. Despite its name, the menu offers a variety of dishes, from beef to fish to chicken and vegetables.

A two-course lunch or dinner can be had for about 32€ (wine and coffee in addition). The two-course formule includes a main course and either an appetizer or a dessert.

At lunch, I started with a delicious goat cheese salad, and followed that with a grilled fish served with spinach. Tom went for the traditional steack-frites and finished his meal with an apple tart.

Steak frites
A French classic: steack-frites...

In addition to the printed menu, the chalkboard lists daily specials, which take advantage of the market offerings.

We prefer to sit upstairs, in a charming old-world room that also gave us a view down to the bustling activity of the marketplace. It makes for a nice respite from the busy square, and an excellent meal.

Le Boeuf à la Mode
Place du Marché (map)
4, rue au Pain
78000 Versailles, France
Tel: +33 1 39 50 31 99

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Le Boeuf à la Mode, Versailles, France

Above: View of Le Boeuf à la Mode Restaurant, Versailles, France.

Below: Looks like marshmallows, but it's really a delicious goat cheese salad.

Goat cheese salad, Le Boeuf à la Mode, Versailles, France

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