Paris Travel Planner   Flower Market, Versailles, France
In addition to its superb food market, Versailles also has a lovely flower market, the Marché aux Fleurs.




Taking the RER train from Paris to Versailles one day, we chose to visit the town, rather than the amazing Château, which we had seen on previous trips. Leaving the Versailles-Rive Gauche RER station, we headed in the general direction of the Marché Notre-Dame, Versaille's wonderful market square.

After a five to ten minute walk we found ourselves surrounded by flowers. A bonus! Since it was Tuesday, not only was the open-air food market in town, but also the Marché aux Fleurs, or flower market.

Marche aux Fleurs, Versailles, France

Relatively small, the market offers a variety of seasonal flowers. We happened to show up on a cloudy, dreary day, and the site of all these flowers brightened our moods considerably!

  Yellow flower, Marche aux Fleurs, Versailles

After enjoying the blossoms, we continued to walk a few more minutes until we reached the amazing Marché Notre-Dame, the fabulous market of Versailles, with its combination of covered marketplace and open-air market.

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Marche aux Fleurs, Versailles, France

Above: Flower market, Versailles, France.
Below: Beautiful pink flowers at the market.

Pink flowers, Marche aux Fleurs, Versailles

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