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This large Natural History Museum is in a beautiful garden.




The Toulouse Museum of Natural History is about a kilometer and a half, or just under a mile, from the Capitole and the center of the city. Located in a beautiful botanical garden, this large museum is a popular place for families.

The museum is home to many fossils and specimens of various animals, both modern and historic. Its exhibits explore different environments on earth and how life has adapted to them. Collections include a variety of skeletons in different poses.

The museum follows advances along five themes: planet earth, living beings, the concept of time, the evolution of man, and the future. It explores the relationships between man and nature and our interaction with the environment.

Be sure to enjoy a stroll in the beautiful botanical garden while you're there.

Toulouse Natural History Museum
35 allées Jules Guesde
31000 Toulouse, France
+33 (0)5 67 73 84 84

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Natural History Museum, Toulouse

Above, Entryway of the Natural History Museum, Toulouse.

Below, Botanical Garden, Toulouse.


Botanical garden, Toulouse

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