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Most hotels in France are rated according to a national star-rating system. The stars can help you to choose the hotel that's best for you.

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Most French hotels are rated at 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars on the French national rating system. The number of stars depends not on a subjective measure of quality, but on objective physical factors: number and size(s) of rooms, furnishings and furniture, lighting, bathroom facilities, food and beverage services, etc.

You may find a 3-star hotel more charming than a 5-star, but the 3-star won't have as many facilities and services.

1-Star Hotels

We're not sure we've ever seen one of these. The 2-star seems to be the simplest class.

2-Star Hotels

Simple hotels with basic services, but a 2-star may lack an elevator/lift, restaurant, room service, and may offer only a simple breakfast, if any at all. They may be well-located in historic city centers and near train stations, and are great for travelers on a budget who want to be near the sights.

3-Star Hotels

Comfortable hotels at moderate prices, probably with a breakfast room, air-conditioned rooms, televisions and other conveniences, these adequately comfortable hotels may lack an elevator/lift and full restaurant. 3-stars exist as both traditional city-center hotels with a variety of rooms and décors, and as modern standardized hotels on the outskirts, near train stations, and on highways.

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4-Star Hotels

These full-service hotels vary from very comfortable to luxury: they usually have an elevator/lift and a restaurant, may have a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, and other comfort and luxury services.

They may be upscale traditional hotels, often in historic hôtels particuliers (private mansions) or country estates, or they may be modern business hotels with all services, either in city center or on the outskirts.

5-Star Hotels

These are the top luxury hotels and resorts with all services, comforts and luxuries, and prices to match.

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The 4-star Hôtel Villa Lara and, beyond it, the 3-star Churchill Hotel, Bayeux, Normandy, France.



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